Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Asynchronous GridView in 5 simple steps

Thanks to Mads Kristensen (.NET slave) for this great post on the gridview!

A web page with a data bound GridView control can take a long time to load. The page is not rendered until all the controls are, and the GridView cannot render before data has been retrieved from the database. So, let’s load the GridView asynchronous and make the page load faster and the perceived speed greater.

This little trick is actually very simple and it involves the built-in client callback feature of ASP.NET. Even though I’m not a big fan of that particular feature, it can be quite handy from time to time. The best part of this is that you don’t have to change much to your existing code.

.NET slave - Asynchronous GridView in 5 simple steps

Friday, February 17, 2006

Thursday, February 16, 2006

BlueWhaleCRM 2.5 Launches!

We are really excited about the launch of BlueWhaleCRM version 2.5. We finalized yesterday and will have it available today. The inclusion of WS in this release are going to make BlueWhaleCRM one of the most flexible and scalable solutions in CRM space right now. We are currently partnering with several companies to deliver customized industry solutions.

If you are looking for a custom solution or already have something that you need to add powerful CRM functionality to, this release is for you.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

TechWhale Solutions - BlueWhaleCRM Newsletter

TechWhale Solutions - BlueWhaleCRM Newsletter

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NPR : President Bush's State of the Union Address

NPR : President Bush's State of the Union Address

Just sad....

About time, huh.....

So I have been putting off this whole blogging thing for a while now.... Figure its about time to get on the bandwagon though... Wrote my first two blogs and it is kind of cool....

Now how to take the concept and make it cooler..... hmm... ideas churning...

Stay tuned for more!



Pretty cool stuff I have to say. Did run across the biggest (that I have yet to come across) issue to date though..

The fact that the ability to dynamically load user controls on a page seems to be missing is a HUGE drawback. There are many applications out there loading uctls from a database (pointers) and it just seems that this would be supported out of the box.. guess not..

Did find a work around, but it makes development difficult and drops the support for partial classes (which I have to say is pretty cool too!).

  1. Remove the code behind file for the ascx control.
  2. Create a code file in the app_code directory to hold your user control classes (uctls.vb)
  3. Change the aspx page to reference the uctls.vb code behind file in the app_code directory.
  4. Within the uctls.vb file, create the classes for your user controls. (Do not use Partial Classes!)
  5. You can now reference the controls in your pages and use the LoadControl option.

Note.. When writing code for form events, you will have to manually enter in the methods as double clicking on the controls does not take you to the external file (unless I am doing something wrong).

Good luck and have fun with it... Overall, pretty happy about 2.0 so far.. Lets see what happens at the next update...

First Look: Google--The Toolbar You'll Keep - Yahoo! News

If only everyone would stop installing that damn emotion toolbar!

First Look: Google--The Toolbar You'll Keep - Yahoo! News